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Elevate your client experience to new heights and unlock the full potential of luxury wedding photography. With a commitment to personalized service, you can push the boundaries of what's possible and deliver a truly exceptional experience for your clients through The Wedding Workbook. 


As a wedding photographer, you know that the key to capturing stunning photos is having a well-planned and stress-free wedding day. Our wedding workbook provides all the information that couples need to plan their big day with ease. From creating a wedding timeline to choosing the perfect vendors, our workbook covers all the details so that you can focus on capturing the magic of their special day.













The customizable nature of The Wedding Workbook allows for creativity and flexibility in the planning process. The Workbook provides ideas, inspiration, checklists, and budgeting sheets that can be personalized to meet the couple's unique needs and preferences, ensuring that their wedding day reflects their vision and story.

In addition to making the planning process more enjoyable and stress-free for everyone involved, The Wedding Workbook also includes timeline examples and preferred vendors. Having all of the essential details in one place makes it easier for everyone to stay on the same page and work together to create a seamless and unforgettable wedding experience. 

The Wedding Workbook provides a customizable framework for planning a wedding tailored to each couple's needs and desires. This Workbook allows for personalized creative input while keeping important details organized in one place, making the planning process more enjoyable and stress-free for everyone involved.

You'll not only make your clients lives much easier, but you'll also position yourself as a trusted expert in your field. With the Wedding Workbook as your secret weapon, you'll be able to deliver breathtaking photos and unforgettable experiences for your clients single every time.


table of contents

nº1 Meet Your Photographer
nº2 Welcome Page
nº3 Engagement Preparation
nº4 Your Ideal Wedding Day
nº5 Planning Your Timeline
nº6 Getting Ready Tips
nº7 Preferred Vendors
nº7 First Look Vs. No First Look
nº8 Ceremony Tips
nº9 Newlywed Portraits
nº10 Family Formals
nº11 Wedding Party Portraits
nº12 Reception Tips
nº13 Wedding Albums
nº14 How Are You Feeling?
nº15 Rehearsal Dinner Coverage
nº16 Day-after Coverage
nº17 Thank You
nº18 Wedding Notes
nº19 To-do Checklist
nº20 Your Vendor List
nº21 Budget Checklist

Digital Version: 70 pages
Print Version: 30 pages


Refund Policy?

Unfortunately, due to the intangible nature of this digital offering, we are unable to process any requests for refunds or exchanges.

Will you teach us how to print the workbook?

As a bonus, once you purchase the Wedding Workbook, you'll receive detailed instructions on how to seamlessly integrate it into Canva. You'll learn how to export the Workbook and even how to order physical copies, perfect for including in your wedding client gift boxes! This added value not only saves you time and effort but also enhances the overall experience for your wedding couples. Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your photography business and impress your clients with the Wedding Workbook.

Which program is this workbook compatible with?

The Wedding Workbook is fully editable in Canva - the intuitive design platform that makes customization a breeze. By choosing Canva, I aimed to create a user-friendly experience that anyone can navigate, regardless of their graphic design expertise. Even if you're not a designer, you can still effortlessly personalize the Workbook to fit your unique style and branding. This user-friendly feature is just one of the many ways the Wedding Workbook simplifies the wedding planning process, empowering photographers and couples alike to create the wedding of their dreams.

Can I send this digitally?

Printing the Wedding Workbook isn't the only option - it can be easily shared digitally as well! In fact, I've included tips and tricks in the guide on how to customize the Workbook so your clients can easily type and save notes, ideas, and thoughts directly within the digital file. This added convenience allows your clients to stay organized and on track with their wedding planning, even on-the-go.

Will this guide be pre-filled out?

The Wedding Workbook comprises both pre-filled and blank sections. Some sections were challenging to write for a wide-ranging audience, and for those, I have included Lorem Ipsum text as a placeholder. However, any generic sections have been filled out for you already!

Are the magazine and digital version the same layout? 

While the magazine and digital versions may appear similar at first glance, they actually feature distinct layouts. The print version was designed with spreads to allow for physical printing, whereas the digital version was optimized for viewing on a desktop computer.

Can the digital version still be a Workbook?

If you opt for the digital version, I can guide you through using my favorite program to create an interactive PDF workbook. This will enable your clients to complete the workbook with ease.

Are the workbooks customizable?

Both workbooks can be easily customized to reflect the unique look and feel of your business and brand. The majority of the sections already have copy, so all you need to do is add your own images, branding, and minimal copy where necessary.

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I feel like my old wedding guide is like stepping on a lego compared to yours."


"This has been missing from my client experience and wedding workflows, and I just haven't taken the time to sit down and create one because the task felt all too overwhelming and daunting. Not only have you helped to fill this gap for me, but you've inspired me with the language and layout of your workbook. It's elegant and easy on the eyes, well-written, and gives lots of room for people to take notes as they go through it. I like the ratio of text to images and given that it's in Canva, I'll easily be able to customize it to fit my brand. The instructions that came with the workbook also make it easy to navigate and know what to do with it once your design is complete-- from adding those final page numbers to getting it printed OR making a way for couples to fill it out online. All of the steps are there. A total game changer and a huge relief to me as a photographer and business owner!"


“Omg this guide is soooo helpful! Not only for your client but for myself as a photographer! It truly puts both of us at ease when it comes to wedding planning. This workbook covers all the questions you want to ask your clients and more! It will help my client experience and elevate my business! Thank you Brady!!”


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