These presets are meticulously designed to effortlessly align digital images with their film scans. If you’re searching for a preset to enhance your workflow that results in enhanced consistency throughout your portfolio, we hope you’ll feel empowered and inspired by our filmic-inspired presets.

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Unlock Timeless Elegance with the Filmic Presets

Transform your digital photographs into timeless masterpieces with our exquisite collection of filmic presets. Introducing Brady Bates Presets - where cutting-edge technology meets classic aesthetics.


Infused with a warm temperature and a subtle green tint, this creamy preset is perfect for capturing the magic of golden hour portraits.


An ideal choice for detailed photography and well-lit scenarios, this contrasty preset brings out intricate nuances in your images.


Akin to BB3, but intensified with heightened contrast and delicate pink hues adorning the highlights, amplifying its allure.


Mirroring the charm of my signature Noritsu scans, offering creamy teal undertones that evoke a filmic essence, accentuating golden brown skin tones.


Building upon BB1, this variant features brighter highlights and more vibrant greens for an enhanced visual impact.


A minimalistic base preset reminiscent of the iconic Portra 400, boasting a clean and polished aesthetic.


color presets

This preset mimics the essence of Ilford Delta 3200 with its pronounced crushed blacks, adding depth and drama to your images.


Paying homage to Ilford HP5 Plus 400, this preset embodies a timeless, clean black and white aesthetic.


Black & White Presets


Introduce a vintage allure to your digital images with the Fade tool, artfully applying crushed blacks to emulate the nostalgic charm of faded film, imparting a timeless and evocative quality to your photographs.

fade tool