mentorship programs for photographers

 Brady is passionate about helping others overcome hurdles during their photography career, having personally encountered many challenges along the way. Whether one is beginning to embark on their photography journey or seeking to refine existing skills.

Brady offers educational materials and efficient tools, aimed at streamlining photographers workflows and enhancing the overall client experience.

Embark on a transformative journey to elevate your photography business! I understand that running a thriving photography business can be challenging, but imagine the possibilities when you have accountability and another photographer by your side, sharing a decade's worth of wisdom and strategies.

Let’s take a look at your business from a Birds Eye view—a comprehensive approach to revitalize and scale your business from the inside out. Together, we'll explore uncharted territories, unlocking opportunities you never thought possible.

Let's set ambitious goals, backed by homework and a deep dive into the inner workings of your business, ensuring long-term success and habits. As we embark on this journey, you'll benefit from a personalized coaching program, carefully tailored to cover essential aspects such as film photography, Super 8mm, blogging, SEO, goal setting, marketing, content creation, finding inspiration, client experience, brand strategy, website optimization, and crafting custom-tailored proposals for your clients.

Before we dive in, let's connect via a 30-minute Zoom consultation where we'll discuss your aspirations to ensure we're the perfect fit for each other. Upon confirmation, our sessions will begin with bi-weekly video calls while simultaneously granting you constant access to me via messaging. I'll closely monitor your social media growth and provide assignments to propel you to the next level.

what to expect

This one-on-one coaching opportunity is designed for passionate photographers ready to expedite their business growth. Whether you're seeking knowledge, inspiration, or just that extra push and accountability, I am here to guide you every step of the way.

who is this for?


4-Month Plan

Accelerate your business growth with a four-month commitment, including:

  • 8 one-hour video calls every other week
  • Ongoing messaging support
  • An in-depth questionnaire
  • Mentorship notes
  • Recorded calls for future reference

$1,200 / month for 4 months

2-hour call

For those seeking a more condensed experience, opt for a two-hour mentorship session featuring:

  • A thorough questionnaire to understand your vision and goals
  • A focused 2-hour video call
  • Recording of the call for your reference

$800 / session


$1,000 / month for 4 months

Accelerate your business growth with a four-month commitment, including:

  • 12 one-hour video calls every other week
  • Unlimited messaging for your questions
  • A comprehensive questionnaire
  • Mentorship notes
  • Recorded calls for your review

I had the incredible opportunity to be mentored by Brady, and I cannot express how impressed I am with his expertise and dedication. During our session, Brady showed exceptional attention to detail and patience, addressing all of my questions with utmost clarity and guidance.

From discussing Lightroom techniques to sharing valuable business strategies, Brady provided invaluable insights that have left me feeling motivated and inspired to tackle the year 2024.

I highly recommend Brady as a mentor for anyone seeking to enhance their photography skills and grow their business. Thank you, Brady, for an exceptional mentoring session that exceeded all expectations.


My mentorship experience with Brady was incredible! I mostly appreciated his transparency on all topics and how approachable and easy to talk to he was.

Our in-person shoot together was especially helpful because Brady was very hands-on, constantly checking to see if I was comfortable with the technical side of using my equipment, which was why I came to him in the first place.

Brady has so many helpful educational resources that he also provided me as part of the mentorship experience! I would recommend investing in Brady over and over!


Brady is truly the whole package when it comes to education and mentorship. He was so easy to talk to and his wisdom in the wedding industry is unmatched. I had the absolute best time chatting with him and diving deep into how I can continue to grow as a photographer and business owner.

Out of all of the mentorships I have done in my photography career, Brady's was the most beneficial and I walked away feeling so inspired and ready to make changes. Not to mention Brady is the sweetest person, and I know I can continue to reach out to him whenever I have any burning questions that I need answered. I can guarantee that you'll not only gain a mentor but also a friend in the industry who will continue to cheer you on.


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Please provide details about your business, focusing on the areas that captivate your interest and spark your desire to learn. I'm excited to review your response and cannot wait to kickstart this journey with you!